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Archdiocese of Philadelphia
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WELCOME to Region 20 CYO Track
2018 Season


Please see important notice regarding the Champ. meet below.

We are seeing some weather forecasts that are predicting potentially severe thunderstorms including heavy rainfalls in short periods of time, especially in the afternoon.
At Archdiocesan Champs we try to not let the running events to get more than 15 minutes ahead of schedule. Due to the current forecast, we are suspending this policy. We will run all the running events as quickly as possible.
As of this moment, we do not yet anticipate accelerating the field events beyond their scheduled start times, however, conditions may force our hand. 
A couple of reminders with this change in policy in mind:
Athletes are required to report to the paddock / field event venue when the event is called. Please do not wait for additional calls and do not attempt to game the weather by waiting until the last minute. We will close the paddock / field event and move on to other events once all the clerk-in procedures are performed for athletes on the field. Because we are accelerating running events, and potentially field events, I recommend that all athletes report at least 1.5 hours ahead of their scheduled start times.

THE MEET WILL RUN RAIN OR SHINE. We will suspend activity for severe weather, but resume activity on the track and field as soon as it is safe. 
We (CYO Track & Field) do not control when the event will be suspended. The University of Pennsylvania will inform us when we have to leave and when we can return. This decision is based on the proximity of lightening strikes to the stadium or other severe weather conditions that impact the venue's safety.
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